About – Brock St. Car Wash

We take pride in the quality of cleaning that we offer in all facets of vehicle wash, interior cleaning, fabric protection, and paint protection. We specialize in soft cloth car washing, hand detailing, waxing, spot removal, engine shampooing, and many more services.

The vast majority of vehicles on the road today are grossly neglected when it comes to protecting and maintaining the exterior, interior, and paint. We believe that a simple, cost-effective regular maintenance program will provide your vehicle with the appearance maintenance and protection it deserves. Skip the trip to the automatic car wash. Our trained professional detailers will get into every nook and cranny to make your car look and feel as clean as the day you bought it!

Packages are available to suit your needs and your budget, starting from as low as $9.99.  If our wash packages are not exactly what you want, we can add fine detailing options to your specifications.