If you are anything like us, you know that one of your top priorities is to keep your car clean. Many times, that level of care means that our vehicles are spotless compared to our houses. If you can agree with this sentiment, you know that it sometimes can be challenging to keep things clean, especially if you have a family. If you want help keeping that car clean, here are five tips you can steal from us at no charge.

#1: Keep a Trash Can in There

While one of our services is interior detailing, you certainly don’t want to call us because a careless passenger threw a bag of chips on the floor. To destroy those excuses of people not throwing away trash, have a small garbage can somewhere in the car.

Prime offenders are usually in the backseat, so try and get one of those units that hook up to the chair. That way, they are staring the trash right in the face.

#2: Keep Wet Wipes Handy

You’ll eventually have to clean up a mess or two from fingerprints or something else. If you don’t want those fingerprints to stick around, invest in a box of wet wipes to clean up the car.

Wet wipes are better for dashboard surfaces. For windows, you’ll want to keep a bit of window cleaner and a microfiber towel nearby. For carpets, you have another solution

#3: Consider a Tiny Vacuum

With USB being in almost every car, you can consider investing in a tiny vacuum. Vacuums hook up to that USB function of the vehicle and stay powered from that plug.

If you don’t have USB features in your car, consider a small vacuum that charges. You likely have a USB in your home, so having something handy for this situation will help.

#4: Consider a “No Eating” Rule

Most car messes come from someone missing while trying to eat a snack in the car. These are typically dry snacks but still make up most of the crumbs located in your floor mats.

To avoid having to shake out the mats quite often, you can consider a no-eating rule in the car. The law may not make you any friends, but they can wait for a while to slam down those cheese crackers. There is a fair chance that your friends will break the new law sooner rather than later.

#5: Perform Regular Detailing

At Brock Street Carwash, we offer a massive variety of detail services that handle the inside and outside of your car. We provide a full-service car wash that can keep your car clean for many months. With a coat of wax, we can ensure that your vehicle stays clean as well.

Regularly scheduled detailing provides your car with more outstanding beauty. It will also help your paint job last longer, primarily if any dirt or salt builds up from the winter season. Interior detailing won’t help the paint job, but it will give your car that clean feeling.