When it comes to determining what services are at a location, there are three standard services you here:

  • Oil change
  • Lube service
  • Oil service

If you aren’t in the industry, you might not know the differences between the three. Meanwhile, others might tell you it’s common sense, but given the wide variety of services at any place you go to, that might not be the case.

Starting with comparing two types of service: is a lube service the same as an oil change?

No. An oil change is typically part of a complete lube service. A lube job involves checking your vehicle to ensure all your moving parts are lubricated. Lube service includes, but is not limited to, oil changes.

Check the service pages of your chosen company to have full transparency of their offerings. Thankfully, Brock Street Car Wash is one of those people who offer lube services. The rest of this article will detail the importance of receiving regular lube service.

Why Your Car Needs Regular Lube Service

Similar to the human body, your vehicle needs regular checkups to stay healthy. Regular checkups are the difference between your car breaking down around the corner and offering a preventative measure before something goes wrong.

For example, running a car on old oil can result in the following complications;

  • Your oil will eventually beco0me sludge, causing your engine to overheat
  • Eventually, sludge oil can cause a blown head gasket
  • Your engine may also seize, which warrant the need for a tow
  • Parts in your engine may warp and deform

Modern cars have a handy oil light that allows you to know when your vehicle becomes concerned about the oil levels. In some cases, vehicles with leaks might run on no oil, which will cause many of the same issues in the above section.

Non-Oil Reasons to get Lube Service

Lube service also includes checkups on other standard fluid levels. These typically include the following:

  • Power steering fluid
  • Antifreeze
  • Transmission fluid
  • Windshield wiper fluid

The last one is a bit less important than the other three, but running out of fluids is a pretty big deal.  Having dirty transmission fluid in your car can cause issues in your vehicle as it picks up to speed.

Low or dirty antifreeze can cause engine overheating and other related issues. Also, not having power steering fluid checked every so often can prevent your vehicle from turning. By avoiding lower fluids, you prevent many of the car headaches people run into.  

A mechanic’s trained eye can also spot issues before they get expensive. As always, make sure you trust your mechanic before going on their word for a repair. If making a significant repair, check to see if they have a history of reviews.

Final Thoughts

Your car must go through a regular lube service, oil change, or oil service. Whatever it’s called, they typically contain details of the service on their website.

Brock Street Car Wash is proud to include oil changes as part of its regular customer offerings. If you are looking for this service, come on down, and we will take care of your car.